Frequently Asked Questions

We're often asked the same questions about Nitrofocus. So, to save you time, we've compiled a list of the most common questions we receive, alongside answers to match.

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What is Nitrofocus?

Nitrofocus is a powerful MP3 audio program designed to help increase focus and productivity.

By listening to the special sounds in the Nitrofocus MP3 audio, your brain naturally enters into a state of enhanced focus and concentration. This means you can get more done in less time: blast through work and email, improve study results, read quicker, increase productivity.

Just listen on repeat and rocket through your work in half the time!

Nitrofocus helps encourage this enhanced focus state by tapping into a science known as “brainwave entrainment.” This involves embedding special tones inside the Nitrofocus MP3s, identical to focused brainwave frequencies. The brain listens and then naturally shifts to match those focused brainwave patterns, all within minutes.

All you have to do is slip on a pair of headphones and hit "Play."

How does Nitrofocus work?

Nitrofocus MP3s work by using special "brainwave" tones to activate states of focus.

Briefly, here’s the science behind it:

Your brain contains billions of neurons, which communicate with each other using little electrical spikes. The overall electrical activity in the brain can be measured using an EEG machine, and these frequencies readings are your “brainwaves.”

Different frequencies are the signatures of different states of mind. So, when your brainwaves are operating at 1Hz, for example, you’ll be in a deep sleep. When you’re at 10Hz, you’ll be in a calm, relaxed state. When you’re focused and super productive, your brainwaves follow certain key frequency patterns, around 12-30Hz.

Nitrofocus uses knowledge to actually recreate a focused state of mind.


When you strike one tuning fork and hold another next to it, the second one starts resonating at the same frequency as the first. It’s the same for the brain. Expose the brain to certain frequencies (through the ears, cleverly embedded inside audio) and it’ll copy that frequency. That means we can actually reproduce a particular brainwave pattern -- and thereby recreate the original state of mind.

This is an area of science that has been intensively studied for over 100 years, and is known as “brainwave entrainment.”

Nitrofocus uses special tones embedded inside its MP3 audio, which replicate those ‘focus’ brainwave patterns. By listening to the audio, your brain hears these ‘focus’ frequencies and copies them, altering your brainwave patterns. This naturally shifts your state of mind, rapidly activating all the benefits of enhanced focus and being in "The Zone."

Benefits such as extreme productivity, improved studying, the ability to blast through work quickly, enhanced concentration, faster reading and greater retention, more motivation, reducing the ‘effort’ from chores, and much more. Quite simply, this enhanced focus enables you to get more done, in less time.

It’s powerful, safe*, and incredibly easy to use.

To learn more about the science behind brainwave entrainment, visit the Brainwave College at

What can I use Nitrofocus for?

You can use Nitrofocus whenever you need to sharpen your focus, and increase output.

Use it at work: Blast through your inbox, review documents quicker, brainstorm ideas at lightning speed, supercharge your productivity, leave work early every day.

Use it at home: Soar through chores quicker than ever before, write your novel in less time, read books at speed, give undivided attention to your hobby.

Use it for study: Read text books in record time, write essays and thesis with your brain in top gear, breeze through revision material, remember more of what you learn.

Any time you need to ACTIVATE your brain, SUPERCHARGE your focus, INCREASE your productivity, get into THE ZONE and blast through what you need to do -- Nitrofocus is the tool for you.

Watch this video to learn how others experienced and used Nitrofocus:


What do I get when I start my trial?

We offer you a FREE 7-day trial of a Nitrofocus MP3, so you test it out for yourself.

When you start your trial, you'll instantly receive a copy of the Nitrofocus Classic MP3, our hour-long audio session, designed to help you activate states of ultra-focus and productivity, whenever you desire.

We'll also send you the 5-Minute Break brainwave MP3, and our user guide in PDF format.

If you decide to continue with the program after 7 days, we'll bill you a one-time fee of $97 (plus any local taxes), and upgrade you to a VIP customer. That means we'll unlock four additional Nitrofocus sessions for you - Nitrofocus Digital, Nitrofocus Easy, Nitrofocus Workout and Nitrofocus Ocean.

We'll also unlock a further six supporting brainwave sessions for you - 10-Minute Break MP3, Brain Booster MP3, Focus Gym MP3, Memory Commit MP3, Analytical Builder MP3, and Anxiety Reducer MP3.

With such a range of peak-performance MP3s at your fingertips, you'll quickly unlock the real power behind Nitrofocus and your mind, and discover what it really means to be super-productive, each and every day.

Can I play Nitrofocus on my iPhone?


We’ve created all of the Nitrofocus sessions so that you can easily play them on any iPhone or other MP3 player. Just transfer to your device and you’re done. We’ve already set all of the images and ID3 tags, so it’s as easy as pie.

You can also play the Nitrofocus sessions on your computer, stereo system, or burn them to a CD.

Is Nitrofocus based on science?

YES! We’re passionate about this point.

Nitrofocus is based on over 100 years of scientific research, in an area called “brainwave entrainment.”

The program uses special tones embedded inside its audio to gently influence your brainwave patterns, helping to bring about a state of heightened focus and increased productivity -- all just by listening.

Read “How does Nitrofocus work?” above to learn more. To discover more about brainwave entrainment in general, visit the Brainwave College at

Is Nitrofocus safe? *

Nitrofocus is incredibly safe.

There are a couple of exceptions. Primarily, we don’t recommend listening to Nitrofocus if you suffer from epilepsy. To read our full precautions and disclaimers, click here.

For most individuals however, Nitrofocus is incredibly safe. Just listen and you’re done!

What are the other MP3s included with Nitrofocus?

The Nitrofocus program is more than just a single MP3!

The entire program contains a whole series of audio sessions, designed to help you activate states of ultra-focus and productivity, as well as improving your overall brain functioning, intelligence and relaxation levels.

At the heart of the program, there are five core Nitrofocus sessions.

These are all 1-hour sessions. They are designed to be listened to on loop, while you work. Each will bring about a state of sharp focus and heightened concentration. Simply by listening, you'll get more done in less time.

There are five core sessions: Nitrofocus Classic, Nitrofocus Digital, Nitrofocus Easy, Nitrofocus Workout and Nitrofocus Ocean. Each perform the same basic task, but have very different styles, depending on the situation.

For example, Nitrofocus Classic is a great overall session for whenever you'd like to increase general focus levels. Nitrofocus Workout uses high-energy music, and is great for the gym or household chores. Nitrofocus Ocean is more relaxing, and better suited to late night work, or tasks such as writing.

Full details of each session and their uses can be found in the user guide.

There are also seven further supporting MP3 sessions.

These additional sessions are all designed to further enhance your Nitrofocus experience.

Just like Nitrofocus, they each use special tones to influence your brainwaves, and help to change your state. For example, the 5-Minute Break MP3 will help you to relax after intense periods of focus. And the Memory Commit MP3 can help you commit information to your long-term memory.

The supporting brainwave MP3s included with Nitrofocus are: the 5-Minute Break MP3, the Brain Booster MP3, the Focus Gym MP3, the Memory Commit MP3, and the Analytical Builder MP3.

Again, full details on each of these sessions, as well as how to use them, can be found in the user guide.

You don't have to use all of the Nitrofocus sessions to gain benefits from the program.

In fact, most users get a couple of sessions they really like, and tend to use them over and over again. We simply provide you with the widest range possible, so you can try it out and make the decision yourself.

Who created this program?

Nitrofocus was developed by Inspire3, at the same labs that created the Brain Salon, Sleep Salon, and most famously, the Brain Evolution System, widely regarded as one of the world’s most powerful brainwave meditation programs.

The core Nitrofocus sessions were developed by lead brainwave technician, Joe Verona.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We offer payouts of 50% for affiliates that help promote our program.

Click here to learn more.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

We’re always available to answer any more questions you may have.

Just send an email to [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.